Psycho Mania

Dear Glace,

I’m 17 and I think I might have bipolar disorder. One week I’m happy and can’t stop smiling, the next week all I can do is cry and think the world would be a better place without me. I have tried telling my mum my concerns but she doesn’t care. Can you please help?




Everyone who’s anyone (and I mean everyone) has bipolar disorder these days! What a relief! Once upon a time it was considered bad manners to yo-yo all over your psycho-therapists sofa (emotionally, not conjugally which, Hallelujah!, is still fine to do). Nowadays we’ve thankfully thrown out such outdated clap trap as ‘get over it’ or ‘stiff upper lip’ and now we’re free to laugh til we’re sick and cry til we laugh right through our Biology class and even then our teachers can’t comfort us. What you’ve said is fundamentally true though – the world will keep on without you regardless of what you do –

so you may as well get hysterical, hyperventilate and make those that love you feel really really guilty for making your life hell. Embrace your illness, get a pensioners card and know that it was only when I got diagnosed a schizotypal OCD biopolar depressive with acute agoraphobic anxiety disorder that things began to look up.

Love Glace xox    

PS. Your Mom’s a bitch. Shoot her. 


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