Dear GC

I am in need of guidance. There’s a guy that I’ve known for a few weeks now – we’ve gone out for dinner a few times, we’ve been flirting online… When we hang out there’s a buzz there between us… But I have no idea if he’s interested in friendship or something more. The other night when we were having dinner I sent my friend a text when he ran off to the bar saying, “dinner is going well but I can’t work out if we’re on a date or not!” So far there’s been no kissing, no touching… Normally I’d say that meant he’s not interested, but he’s always mentioning how he likes to take things slow, so maybe this is just his style? Confused.


Sweetie, I’m confused too. No man has ever done that to me. It must be refreshing to not have a man pawing at you straight away, albeit a tad un-nerving. Your languid lover-to-be may think he is being chivalrous; in reality he’s just annoying. He must understand that you have needs. You must force him to play his hand (as it were). I suggest you get him over to your place for a night cap. Turn on the tv – accidentally play some bb porn and note his reaction. Spike his drink with rohypnol and drag him to your bedroom. Undress him (its perfectly acceptable to have a snoop at his privates). Get under the covers and have a great night’s sleep cuddling into your comatose man. When he wakes up the next morning confess that you feel guilty about what happened but were persuaded by his sincerity and passion. Then ask if you need to go on PEP. If he high foots it out the door, its safe to say he’s not interested. If he stays you’ve found yourself a keeper. Good luck.

Love Glace oxo 


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