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Group Sex?

Posted in Dear Glace advice with tags , , , , on May 5, 2008 by Glace Chase

Dear Glace,

I am a girl, and I went to a party recently where I met two guys, who I initially mistook to be boyfriends. After an hour talking to them i realised that they are brothers. And then one of them asked me over to have dinner some time with him and his brother. I said yes, and took my current boyfriend along, but when we got there, there was low lighting, candles, and a banquet with plenty of wine. My question is: was it wrong to have instigated group sex?


People always ask me this question. My standard response is when I was younger my agent Michael Mancini took me to a board meeting of powerful studio executives to discuss my role in an upcoming soap opera. We chatted, laughed, discussed politics. And then I got down to business. Was it wrong to mix the personal and the professional? Was it wrong to bring a little joy into people’s lives? Was it wrong to be out the door within twenty minutes? No, it wasn’t! It’s never wrong to have a good time, as long as no-one gets hurt, yourself included. A note of caution though – make sure you perform equally as well for all participants otherwise some men could get the wrong idea and that could be career breaking. Not that I’m bitter.

Love Glace… xx